Journal of the Month: BOMB

The Journal of the Month for April 2012 is BOMB, a magazine that “delivers the artist’s voice through in-depth interviews between artists working across genre and media—collaborations that reveal their ideas, concerns, and creative processes through carefully developed dialogue—now and for posterity.”

Issue 119 Features Conversations with:

CHARLES LONG – “Known for his humanist, sometimes-ecstatic Emersonian foraging through the badlands of modernity, Charles Long makes art that enchants even while it plays with falling apart.”

 MOHSEN NAMJOO– “Iranian born musician Mohsen Namjoo, now exiled in the US, fuses classical Persian poetry and musical forms with American blues.  He talks with artist and filmmaker Shirin Neshat”

 LIZ DESCHENES – “Artist Liz Deschenes and poet Kathleen Peterson continue an ongoing conversation on Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse, a novel that here serves as a springboard for musings on the nature of perception.”

Stop by the library to check out this and all the rest of our journals!

Don’t forget to submit entries to BOMB’s 2012 Poetry Contest at!


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It's #foliofriday ! Here are some treasures from the library's folio collection. Check out our Book Display in The Galleries at Moore! Connelly library will be closed through Monday 9/4 in observance of Labor Day. Regular hours will resume at 8am Tuesday 9/5. #moorecollegeofartanddesign #phillyartschool #MCAD #happyholiday #longweekend Welcome back #BFA students! Come visit the #library and browse some of our new #books, including this one "Drawing Life: Javier Mariscal."
#saturdayselections #librariesofinstagram #illustration #artanddesign #mariscal Connelly #Library has a number of circulating #bones and #skulls. We even have #cows for anyone aspiring to be #georgiaokeeffe. #moorecollege #mcad #phillyartschools #librariesofinstagram #womenartists #drawing101 Did you know that Connelly library's #archives has a collection of paintings and prints? Some date back as far as the mid-1800s through present day. The artists are largely alumni or faculty of Moore College. The selections you see above are ca. 1920, painted by members of the Philadelphia 10, a prominent group of woman artists who worked and exhibited together regularly. #artschool #librariesofinstagram #philadelphia #womenartists #oilpaintings

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