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Searching for Journals and Periodicals in the Library Catalog

With the end of the semester fast approaching, we’d like to take the opportunity to point out a few new (and old) tips when searching for journals and journal articles in our electronic resources.

List of Journals/Periodicals in the Library Catalog

You can now easily pull up a full list of every periodical the library currently subscribes to as well as those in our bound journals and storage sections. From our library homepage, choose Subject from the search drop-down menu and type periodicals in the search box.


Do a subject search for periodicals to see a full list of the library’s journal holdings.

This will return a list containing the subject term corresponding to periodicals:


Choose ‘periodicals’ to see the full list of journals and magazines.

Clicking on Periodicals will bring up a full, alphabetical list of all the journal titles in the library’s catalog:


Close to three hundred periodical titles are in the library’s holdings

Checking a Journal/Periodical’s Availability Online

Interested to see if any of the library’s journals are indexed and/or are available in Full Text through our electronic periodical databases like EBSCO or JSTOR?

Just click on the journal title to bring up its full record page. If it is indexed in any of our databases there will be a Connect to link underneath the Title and Publication info.


The detailed record page for a journal title in the library’s catalog.

Keep in mind that the detailed record page also shows what physical volumes the library has, as well as the most recent issue we’ve received (if we are currently subscribed).

Clicking on the Connect to link will open up the journal record page for that particular periodical database. (Note: if you’re accessing this page from off campus you may need to sign into the database. See the library’s Moodle page for off-campus login info)


The journal record page in EBSCO’s periodical database.

The Bibliographic Records field indicates what date range this particular journal has been indexed in the database (i.e. information like article title, author, publication, etc. available and searchable).

The Full Text field will indicate what date range the database has the full text of the article available for you to read or download immediately. Please note, not every title has full text availability.


On this page you can check the availability of the title in this database.

To begin searching for your topic within the journal, click on the blue Search within this publication link towards the top of the page, or you can also browse the individual issues by using the All issues menu on the right.

Have questions about searching for journals or journal articles? See our Library Instruction page for additional tutorials, or stop by the library. We can also be contacted via email or by phone: 215-965-4054.


We Have A Winner!

Samantha Cox was the first student to answer the Library Journal quiz on our blog! She found an article about the artist Shepard Fairey in the November 2008 issue of ARTnews magazine and won a $5 Copy Card! Congratulations to Samantha!

A new question has been posted on the “Contests” tab above. Click the link to the current contest to see the question and for your chance to win a $5 Copy Card. To see the question that Samantha answered, click the link to past contests. Good Luck!

Do You Know Your Journals?

This artist became famous in 1989 when he started the “Obey Giant” graffiti and sticker campaign (an idea inspired by John Carpenter’s film, They Live). Now an accomplished graphic designer, this artist still cuts his own stencils and puts up his own work, risking jail time. Last Spring, the artist was commissioned to create the now highly recognizable and iconic “HOPE” posters for the Barack Obama campaign.


There is an article about this artist in one of the current journals displayed in the Connelly Library. Be the first to locate this article and you will win a $5 Copy Card. Good Luck!

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