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Journal of the Month: GreenSource

GreenSource Cover

The Journal of the Month for June/July 2012 is GreenSource.

GreenSource is a sustainable design magazine published bi-monthly by McGraw-Hill in partnership with the journal Architectural Record and BuildingGreen, LLC. It is also the member publication for the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). GreenSource aims to support the green-design community and features articles on current projects and policies, profiles on designers, case studies, products, and industry news.

Volume 7, No 2 Features:

London Calling—The 2012 Summer Olympics aim to win the top prize in sustainability.  A look at past Olympic sites offers a basis for comparison.

Earthwatch—Artist Suzanne Tick generates sculptures out of dry-cleaning refuse.

The Little Engine That Can—Combined heat and power systems can lower costs, lessen congestion on the utility grid, and reduce pollution.

Bar Agricole—An ambitious restaurateur opens a rustic eatery that shows off local craftsmanship.

All descriptions from GreenSource Magazine

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