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Enjoy Thanksgiving Break

The end of the semester is quickly approaching! If you are planning to do get some work done over Thanksgiving Break, make sure that you know how to access the Library’s electronic resources from home. Visit the Library’s Moodle page for login information and directions (if you haven’t already, you will need to “enroll” to enter our Moodle page).

A few reminders:

  • JSTOR, ARTSTOR, RHIZOME, and Stylesight require you to register for off-campus access. Please visit the Library’s Moodle page for directions.
  • In addition, JSTOR, ARTSTOR, and Stylesight require you to re-activate your account every three months. For instance, if you registered for Stylesight at the beginning of this semester, you will have to re-activate soon. You can do this from the login page, but you must use an on-campus computer. Be sure to do this before you leave for Winter Break!
  • Please note that Connelly Library will close Wednesday November 27 at 5pm, and re-open on Monday December 2 at 8am.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving. Doris Lee. 1942. Lithograph. Courtesy Artstor and the Dallas Museum of Art.

Thanksgiving. Doris Lee. 1942. Lithograph.
Courtesy Artstor and the Dallas Museum of Art.


Did you know that Connelly library's #archives has a collection of paintings and prints? Some date back as far as the mid-1800s through present day. The artists are largely alumni or faculty of Moore College. The selections you see above are ca. 1920, painted by members of the Philadelphia 10, a prominent group of woman artists who worked and exhibited together regularly. #artschool #librariesofinstagram #philadelphia #womenartists #oilpaintings Stop in and checkout our #PrideMonth book display 🌈, including this classic by #AudreLorde. #zami #biomythography #librariesofinstagram #happypride #libraryatmoorebooks #saturdaysuggestions Fun Cover Friday: We love this Vitamin P3 book cover! Share some of your faves! #funcoverfriday #fcf #libraryatmoorebooks We love the smell of new books! #newbooks We're open until midnight tonight! Stop by for some snacks and refreshments. Happy Sarah Peter Day! If you want to learn more about our founder, stop by the Library. We've got all the information to need to win tonight's Trivia Event.

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